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"Being able to figure out what's going on when it's not obvious is perhaps the most fundamental advantage of intelligence." - Charles Darwin

This site is a collection of writing by Sridhar Dhulipala written over the years 2010 onwards. The thoughts are updated to reflect recent experiences and organized around themes of current interest - value of design, post modernism and digital user experiences, especially technology, and perspectives on the evolving nature of design.

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Some of my select older posts written between 2010 to 2018 are here.


To creatively envision and frame the issues at hand, collaborate with researchers and engineers to define, develop and deploy solutions as a response, has been the common thread of endeavor through my 30 year career - as a staff member, as a design leader, as an entrepreneur, as an individual contributor with hands on skills and constant practice.

In other roles, I actively teach and mentor design students, and serve as a member of NID, India's Senate advisory body. Have spoken at forums on design - PDF 2019, product management ISPMA 2019, knowledge management CII-KM 2013.